June 1, 2012


“The members transcend time and space in their MV, and their fierce concept display an impressive level of masculinity.”(Allkpop)

I like A-JAX, I love their song called Never Let Go, but this new one is totally crap. After many media so blubbering about how expensive the video cost and bla bla bla, well those people who read the news and curious about the result, we are the same,  disappointed. Though they still called as a rookie boyband but they come up showing their abs but that just illusion. Why? because for the entire video you will only see the back of them, it’s not that I was craving of abs, but those scenes are useless. They have good body and good warrior like costume but then why those concept is just a MIRAGE.


June 1, 2012

To You

I love Teen Top, I do. In this MV I quite disturb to see the alien style, silver and white. Then the background story was also not clear. So far I enjoyed the song, but to see two man face too face like that, I mean face to face like that, wew that was too close and creating different meaning from what the MV would described.

June 1, 2012

Perfect white skin

Sorry, I admit that I am really late to post this video but I guess for this super perfect girlband nothing to sorry about. Yes it is Time Machine and I was so WOW after watching this MV.

I think they succeed making the concept of the MV, as it was released for Japanese market and the setting also the make up, etc. are so perfectly drawn. Shining white like goddess and having a tempting cute face are a perfect key to open the Japanese pop music market.

May 21, 2012

the one that has been everybody waiting for

Such a long title isn’t it, ofcourse it is. I just curious with this so called project. That was a bad taste of a duo name, “project” wow that sounds it won’t last long.

The way the video directed is almost the same as Hands Up by 2Pm and the school style is so awkward. I prefer in uniform form, wearing a casual suit? that’s nothing dude. They make up are too fancy for a boy and moreover it is said that they take a different path from K-Pop. Fancy means K-Pop U know. Final word, this duo is not so cool as it name.


May 21, 2012

a bunch of lovey dovey skinny girls

00:00 – 01:11 *________SILENCE no comment, GOD they just like another version of T-ARA, so boring.

01:15 – 01:30 WOW I can’t believe it, I saw boob. The not so good one but quite intriguing, wew…

01:35 WHAT THE HELL! It becomes more good, a bunch of sexy girls sleeping like that, then there’s a gun, what’s goin’ on?

02:30 so that the use of the gun. Wait! Your screaming is bad…urgh

03:35 girl U should workout to lose that flabby arm NOT diet okay

To sum up, they totally skinny umm maybe I should send them sacks of rice so that they can eat well. And they do looks really tall. For the entire video I only focus to see them not the listen to the song. Not my fault.

May 21, 2012

Dancing Topless and Tattoo

Wow it’s been years since the first time I saw this boyband, at that time they are still cute looking guy, but know they’re totally change into a dirty dancer with criminal look. Honestly this time image is so stupid, what the hell actually with all that tattoo and dancing topless, you guys look so cheap, and I hate to see that. I am so disappointed, by the way were all those tattoo real? Owh I really curious about that?

The management surely want to make them look like BigBang and 2PM but the result in my eyes are FAILED. Congratulation…

May 21, 2012

Failed to open the Pandora Box


Though it sound the same as BE MINE album I think this time is stronger. This band is one of my favorites, I love to see they are finally comeback, and by the way they look manly…kekeke. I was amazed to see the rolling car, I am not sure whether it was for real or not but as the viewer I can see as if it was real, which I think it was COOL.

And SHIT! Why don’t you open the Pandora box! Damn! I’m waiting for it, wandering what is the use of that secret old looking key.

May 14, 2012

20 minutes to the real one

I like IU but I’m not her biggest fan, since a biggest fan means purchase her album and screaming to every pieces of her. No I’m not like that.

Every video that I posted was taken from the official channel, and thing would become worse just like this video since it such a long version and I couldn’t find any official shorter version. Moreover I don’t understand Korean then in this long video I’ve become completely stupid, waiting for 20 minutes only for the real song.

IU is cute


Ops almost forget, this song called “every end of the day” by IU

May 14, 2012

The dancing feet spell

Tarantallegra is a jinx used to force another person’s legs to begin dancing uncontrollably.

It’s all about Harry Potter then. When I watched the video, my memory recalled Volume up by 4Minute and Fantastic Baby by BigBang, they were really look the same.

May 14, 2012

Scary doll

Though in the end it seems scary but I still like this video. Creepy doll. I hate creepy doll.